Roaring Lakewood: Lakewood in the 1920s

You’ve all seen them. Movies that showcase the extravagance of 1920s America. One of the most popular novels-turned-blockbusters is arguably, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gastby. But what role did Lakewood play in the 1920s? What was life like for Lakewoodites? In an exciting new exhibit opening this February at the Lakewood Historical Society at the Oldest Stone House, we are exploring just that!


It can amaze you to learn that Lakewood was the center of a number of interesting events during the 1920s. Just a few examples include women’s suffrage, the long tradition of temperance, and the heritage of Lakewood on the early automotive stage.

*Want to see more historical images from Lakewood and the Cleveland area? Schedule an appointment at the historical society by emailing or check out The Cleveland Memory Project.

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